The Legacy Collage is a tribute to those whom have made it to a certain level in life, no matter what their circumstances were, or what level it was on. It's important to acknowledge and celebrate those who have beat the odds. This is dedicated to a few dream chasers who I've been inspired by or I have known for years. The overall message is to chase your dreams and no matter the journey, prevail above any doubts. 


Racial inequality, hate, and injustice have been a problem for centuries. Heretoprevail LLC wholeheartedly stands by all who express peace, love, and respect for others no matter their walk of life. Through our differences in beliefs and traditions, understanding is a form of accountability that helps create acceptance. With the right team and right energy surrounding, we believe all dreams are possible!

Unity, Love, and Respect creates happiness and success for all!

Nate Edwards

Joe Lindsey

James Parker

Bishop Nehru and DJ Premier

Isaiah Hamilton

Shamon "Nu Wave" Clay

Rickey McGill

Javontae Jean-Baptiste

Jason and Devin McCourty

Georgio Milligan

Terrence Fede

Nipsey and Lauren

Allen Iverson (Hall of Fame)

Kobe and the lovely ladies in his life. #Mamba4Ever

MJ and Phil

Hands of Unity

Rest in Paradise


Marcus Daniel, Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, all of those lost due to police brutality, and all of those lost due to the COVID-19.

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Shamon "Nu Wave" Clay

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