Heirtoprevail is a brand with a message, anything but material. It is a play-on-words that stems from the phrase "Here To Prevail." It represents the "Next to Win" mentality and symbolizes a counteract for the effects of our mishaps in this society. It also symbolizes royalty and expression of self worth without looking outside of self for validation; the heir to those who have paved the way for you. We go through storm after storm, trials and tribulations, failures and losses on a daily basis. Time is a healer, but it all starts with accountability. We are all human and we feel things potently, but during any form of healing or our progressions we must take the initiative to maintain a winning mentality. We owe it to those who have paved the way for us, and all of us have a common goal to win!


Founded in 2017, Heirtoprevail is an upcoming brand on the fashion scene. The goal has been to give all supporters a feeling of satisfaction after purchasing any merchandise. We believe in quality, variety, and longevity while conveying a prosperous attitude. We want you to feel like a winner on your good and bad days. As firm believers of the importance of energy, we believe that it is necessary to use expression through our clothing that resonates with every consumer of all walks of life.




 A close friend/brother was lost on his journey of excellence, after taking what some would call the wrong route. After winning a basketball championship at San Diego City College and signing to Western Colorado University, he was on his way to further his success. He was always full of high energy, and always wanted to see others happy. Even during our last conversation a few weeks before his passing, he was ecstatic about his new accomplishments.  His death was a total shock to most people who knew him, and it still is unbelievable sometimes today. Although I juggle with his cause of death, I found out that he battled with depression. 


Depression is something most of us get a taste of, so that gave me the inspiration to embrace a purpose that was bigger than myself. It was only right that I come up with a message that was beneficial to the mindset of anyone who comes across it. His legacy will live on through the brand, and I hope this brand inspires you to want to be the NEXT TO WIN!





"Good day or bad day, be here to prevail!"

In Loving Memory of Nate Edwards

7/6/1992 - 4/18/2017


Nate Edwards
First T-shirt printed in September 2018.